Customer reviews - positive work with negative


Отзывы клиентов – позитивная работа с негативом

We recently discussed the importance of a positive online image, SERM fundamentals , and how to track reviews. Separately, it is worth considering the work with claims from consumers. It is a special art to correctly respond to information that is unpleasant for the company on the network.

Dealing with negative reviews

Dissatisfied customers are always, everywhere and for everyone, whether it is a small family business or a world famous corporation. It is highly undesirable in working with the negative:

  • ignore reviews with claims to the company, service or product;
  • show aggression;
  • deny the obvious
  • become personal;
  • express an opinion on topics far from the profile of the company.

The company's responses should be formed exclusively politely, with respect for the client. Do not make excuses, it is better to resort to facts, it always works. Any comments on your part must be reasoned, justified and appropriate.

Ребята, давайте жить дружно

Show that you care about the opinion of consumers. Offer compensation, try to settle everything quietly and peacefully. Your motto should be the words of the cat Leopold: "Guys, let's live together." Do not react to provocations by getting involved in a war with a disgruntled consumer, and fighting with mutual attacks and insults, you will surely lose and capitulate soon. Even frankly embellished and exaggerated remarks about your company, respond with a stoically impartial official business tone. However, there is one BUT here. Excessive emasculation does not work well on social networks.

About the sense of humor of the Vkontakte support service, perhaps they don’t compose songs, but joke screens with concise, competent and witty answers from VK agents appear systematically. In this case, such a move is justified. Appropriate humor in the right doses has never hurt anyone.

Чувство юмора службы поддержки Вконтакте

The teachings of Leo Tolstoy about non-resistance to evil by violence also work perfectly on the Internet. Negativity, harsh statements and dissatisfaction can, if not neutralized, then at least smoothed out with a positive attitude, honesty and willingness to compromise. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes, be sure to write that the company is already working on eliminating shortcomings, improving the quality of service and goods.

Refutation of false information about the company

The most difficult thing is to deal with negativity on third-party resources. It is advisable to prepare the ground ahead of time and maintain companionship with the authors of authoritative blogs and sites specialized for the company.

Even if you are not yet familiar with the owner of the resource on which the negative review was published, it is never too late to introduce yourself and reasonably explain the official position of the company. You can correct the situation if the portal owners do not listen to your arguments with the help of other reputable information platforms. You can also post your rebuttal there.

Mistakes in building a positive online reputation

  1. Comments on third-party resources are not tracked. In addition to the corporate website and company accounts in social networks, it is also necessary to monitor reviews of articles, press releases and other information published with the mention of the company or its products.
  2. Replacing the answer from the official representative with positive comments from pseudo-clients. Let's not pretend. Many firms, even those with an almost squeaky clean reputation, resort to the method of "pushing" a nasty remark from a client onto the next page in the list of comments. Nevertheless, it is definitely not worth completely ignoring the indignation of a disgruntled consumer on the Internet. Particularly indignant individuals may repeatedly and more sharply write about their claims.
  3. Hushing up the real achievements of the company. Feel free to spread the word online about awards won by your company or its products, participation in competitions and charity events.
  4. Ignoring positive comments and questions from customers. The digital environment provides unlimited scope for the development of positive, trusting relationships with customers, it is a sin not to take advantage of this. Answer incoming questions in a timely manner and do not ignore grateful reviews.

Dealing with negative comments can hardly be called pleasant, but avoiding it means harming your company's reputation on the Internet. To create a positive image on the web, follow our recommendations: constantly improve service and product quality, carefully monitor reviews about the company and the product, treat the comments and wishes of customers with understanding.

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