Car rental website.

Rentuacar provides a huge selection of rental cars, ranging from economy class cars like the Nissan Micra to premium electric cars like Tesla and SUVs like the Audi Q7 and Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which the customer can drive independently without a driver.

About the project.

The main task is to develop a modern and user-friendly website for car rental, implement filtering for convenient selection of car rental for site users, implement technical seo-requirements for successful promotion of the project in search engines.

The Rentuacar catalog contains hundreds of cars, while the price for each car is set depending on the number of rental days and the type of rental (with or without a deposit). At the same time, it is important to show the entire catalog of cars with detailed information on the site in an accessible and not overloaded form for the user, to implement convenient ordering for car rental, and the choice of additional car options.

Project goals .

  • Implement site development on the modern Laravel v8.xx framework
  • Fulfill the requirements for loading site pages according to the PageSpeed Insights service
  • Implement mutually exclusive filters for car selection on the site
  • Implement micro-markup according to Google requirements
  • Implement a number of technical seo requirements for successful site promotion in search engines
Colors and fonts.
Main page.
Catalog and car page.
order processing .
information pages.
Mobile version and tablet.
In view of the specifics of the topic of car rental, it is important to implement a convenient interface for the mobile version of the site, since in more than 80% of cases interaction with the site occurs from mobile devices. We implemented a user-friendly interface for the mobile version and took care of fulfilling the requirements of PageSpeed Insights for mobile devices and tablets.
The result of the work.
  • Site on modern framework Laravel v.8.xx
  • Modern front-end development technologies
  • Simple selection of a car according to its characteristics
  • PageSpeed Insights Compliance
  • Implemented technical requirements for successful SEO promotion
  • Convenient administration panel for working with site content
  • Intuitive and mobile-friendly website
  • High site loading speed due to modern technologies
PHP | Laravel
HTML | CSS 3.0 | Vue.js