A task

Create a youthful and stylish brand logo.
Logo concept development.

About the client
Manufacturer of women's clothing Arizzo.
Fashion clothes wholesale and retail.
Brand sign "pentagon in a circle".
(This symbol is found in the constructions of all
logo, which will be described in more detail
below). Regular star pentagon
symbol of eternity, perfection, the universe.
The sign is beautiful and graceful
Elements in the brand block are placed based on the half-width of the pentagon. Optical compensations are taken into account in letters and elements. For normal perception of the monowidth of the stroke and the uniform arrangement of elements, optical adjustments were made.
All proportions and dimensions are based
on the rectangle from the "expanded pentagon".
Exclusive proportion in book design.
The key elements of the letters are associated with geometric constructions
made on the basis of a pentagon. The width of the main stroke is the same
based on these structures.

Corporate pattern.

An idea for the development of a corporate identity based on the construction of a logo.
The logo looks favorably surrounded by leading fashion brands.