Создание landing page для продажи детских кроватей-машинок MebelKon.

Landing page for furniture manufacturer MebelKon.

Attention! Keep children away from screens. Viewing this page is fraught with an instant purchase of a car bed 🙂

The idea of the one-page was in a bright and cheerful design that will not leave indifferent neither the child nor the parent. However, even the most attractive picture is still a picture, so we have added interesting animation effects for content blocks. Thanks to this, the site comes to life and focuses users' attention on the right elements.

The landing page is made "according to GOST" and contains all the necessary elements:

  • order form in the header and footer of the site;
  • motivational banner;
  • catalog of bed models with photos and sizes;
  • flexible system of additional product options;
  • acquisition scheme;
  • Benefits;
  • and reviews.

Landing page is an ideal solution for selling one product, because a bright and cheerful site motivates both children and adults to order a car bed!