A task

Development of a stylish online store for a clothing manufacturer.

Implementation of the necessary functions for the convenience of users. Transferring these goods from the prom.ua site.

Site design

We paid special attention to the design of the site, because the main task of the VERSAL online store is to gain the trust of the site visitor and convert it into a buyer, a brand follower. We chose the right color scheme based on the trademark logo, chose modern fonts and created a unique website design - a light and stylish design of an online store.

Category PAGE

On the category page, we have provided a sidebar with product categories for easy navigation through the catalog, introduced filters for selecting products, and provided tags - new, discount for product cards.

Product PAGE

There are 2 prices on the product page - wholesale and retail. Also, depending on the size, the price of the product can be recalculated by the system. For each product, there is the possibility of both a classic purchase through the basket, and "Buy in 1 click" for quick checkout.
About Us
The “About us” page is implemented according to the Storyline principle, here we have shown the main advantages and features of the VERSAL online store.
On the contact page, you can find detailed information on each point of sale of the online store. There is also a feedback form that allows you to leave your message to the site administration.
The structure of the news blocks is implemented as a mosaic, in line with the latest web design trends, where the blocks vary in size.
When placing an order, the price is automatically recalculated if the quantity of goods allows you to buy at a wholesale price. You can make a payment both without registering on the site, and by registering. Various delivery and payment methods are available for Ukraine.
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  • Implementation of both wholesale and retail sales models.
  • Multicurrency catalog.
  • User management system - wholesale, retail, dropshipping.
  • Import & export of goods to using an XML feed.
  • Automated application of the wholesale price for orders above 1000 UAH.
  • Automated catalog uploads to social networks
  • Website adaptation for smartphones and tablets.
  • SEO site optimization.
front end
HTML5 | CSS 3.0 | Bootstrap 4 | jQuery