Online store of women's clothing Medini. Redesign #5

About the client: MEDINI is a popular Ukrainian women's clothing brand.
Task: to develop a site with a new high-quality fashion design, development of user interfaces, updating the site's CMS.
Main page of the site (INTRO)
implemented in several screens that tell the visitor about the brand. Standard scrolling has been replaced with a multi-directional two-way author's scroll.
We paid special attention to product pages , because these pages are selling.
Products are presented outside the box - these are huge widescreen slides that fill the entire first screen
user, focusing on MEDINI clothing
Checkout pages
and user accounts of
the online store have also been redesigned —
they have definitely become easier and more convenient.
All internal pages of the site are implemented according to the principle of Landing Page - bright, informative, emphasizing the status of the company and attracting customers. In the section "History of the company" accents are placed on the key points of brand development. Naturally, each of these landings has its own visual "chips" - Parallax effects, Hover effects, JavaScript animation, CSS3 frame-by-frame animation, AJAX.
The online store is adapted for mobile devices with full-featured browsers and tablets. The site has become much more convenient for users, which positively affects both conversions and the favor of search engines.