Vitamin One Page Website

About the client: Supplier of Megafood American Organic Vitamins.

Task: development of a landing page for a promotion and an effective presentation of products.

Natural origin is the main feature of the goods presented on the site. In the design, we tried to emphasize this, so we chose green and yellow as the main design colors, flavoring the landing page with images of fresh vegetables.

Одностраничный сайт витаминов

The one-page was created for a promotion with a discount, and in order to motivate visitors to make a purchase as soon as possible, we set a time counter. The site shows the price, detailed information about each type of product, as well as the calculation of the cost of a daily dose of vitamins - an insignificant figure that fully justifies the price of the entire package. You can order and pay for goods directly on the site.

Создание landing page

Anyone who is not interested in reading about the competitive advantages of products can watch this video with an expert opinion. For those who are especially insecure and doubtful, we have provided the site with reviews, contact information, as well as a special form in which you can ask a question and receive advice on choosing vitamins by e-mail.