Website development for a jewelry inserts dealer

About the client: Polystar James LLC is the official distributor of jewelry inserts produced by Hsin Yi (Thailand) in the Russian market. Hsin Yi was founded in 1984 and is now the leading manufacturer of cubic zirconia stones.

Task: development of a website for a dealer of jewelry inserts.

Создание сайта дилера ювелирных вставок

The site is designed in the corporate style of the company and represents one of its activities - jewelry inserts (Gems in English means "precious stones"). The design includes the company's products - multi-colored shimmering crystals, which makes the site not only attractive, but also recognizable.

Создание страницы продукции Polystar

The site has only four sections: "Main", "Products", "Payment and Delivery" and "Contacts", but this is quite enough to fully inform the client about all the intricacies of cooperation with the company.

Дизайн страницы контактов