Website for a bridal fashion house

About the client: wedding fashion house Valentina Gladun.

Task: website redesign in accordance with modern web trends.

We have been closely cooperating with representatives of this fashion house for a long time, helping our clients' business to expand and flourish with the help of SEO, contextual advertising and other Internet marketing tools. To conquer new heights, it is necessary to comply with modern web standards, so the redesign of the site has become a natural and justified step towards the further development of the brand.

A huge slider with emotional, vivid product photos greets the visitor on the main page, bringing a feeling of lightness, spaciousness and dreamy romance.

We are especially pleased with the design and functionality of the catalog pages. Large previews, the ability to view products page by page or with loading new models, sorting dresses by style - everything is done for the convenience of users.

Разработка странницы каталога

The product page has a special conversion charm: a detailed description of the product with an indication of the fabric and color, a size chart, social media buttons, blocks "You've seen" and "Dresses in this style." We have provided adequate display of images in portrait and landscape orientations, and our customers have prepared large, high-quality, specially optimized product photos with great care.

Создание страницы товара

For feedback, special forms are provided: in the section with contacts, as well as on the "Cooperation" page.

Формы обратной связи

Redesign is unthinkable without adaptive layout. If something is to be changed, then in full, so that the owners of mobile devices can comfortably view the pages of the site.

Адаптивный дизайн сайта