Landing page
web design 2021

Multi-landing for concentrate

Develop multi-landing pages for natural concentrates, implement conversion elements to collect customer contact information, provide detailed product information
About the product
The MAXMIN trademark line includes two products:
  • MAXMIN for the garden
  • MAXMIN for flowers and indoor plants
Regular Medium
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playfair display
Black Roman
Aa Bb Vv Gg Dd Her Fzh Zz Ii Yy Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Ff Xx Ts Chh
Work began with a multi-landing for MAXMIN concentrate garden and vegetable garden. 01
First screen
The main design idea is to show healthy and juicy vegetables and fruits that can be obtained using MAXMIN natural concentrate in the garden. On the first screen, we placed a juicy collage and presented the product favorably, emphasizing its environmental friendliness. You can order MAXMIN from the first screen!
Other screens
We carefully worked out all the landing screens, showed the main advantages of the product and its effect, presented instructions for use and a photo gallery with the results of using the concentrate. We worked on the screen with the product, terms of payment and delivery, posted customer reviews.
We developed the design of all elements and blocks for the desktop version of the landing. We have provided a sticky menu for the convenience of interacting with the site. Implemented light and smooth animation for collage elements in the first screen.
We continued with multi-landing for MAXMIN concentrate for flowers and indoor plants. 02

Design Options

For the second Maxmin product - a concentrate for flowers and indoor plants, we kept the developed design concept, while offering the Customer a different color scheme and, of course, assembled a collage with flowers.


  • Custom landing page design
  • Light and unobtrusive animation
  • Thoughtful structure of landing blocks
  • High site loading speed
  • Multilingual support
  • Convenient administration panel interface
  • Detailed information about the product and its properties
  • mobile friendly
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