12 documentaries about design and software

12 документальных фильмов

You can learn about design, software and its creators not only from books, the Internet and review programs, but also from films. Documentaries are a source of interesting facts about how people create, invent and bring their ideas to life, with the entire script being what actually happened. Here is our selection of the most entertaining works on this topic.

  1. Revolution OS is the history of the rise of GNU and Linux, as well as the open source and free software movements and famous entrepreneurs and hackers.
  2. The code Linux - of course, mostly about Linux, but the topic is similar to "Revolution OS".
  3. Handmade Nation is about the wave of art, craft and handmade design that has taken over the younger generations.
  4. Google behind the screen - about the origin and creation of Google.
  5. The genius of design is a film in five parts about the history of design and inventions that have radically changed our lives.
  6. Objectified - a fresh look at a piece of design in each of the objects that surround us.
  7. Оbjectified - 12 документальных фильмов
  8. Computer Humans is the only feature film on the list that is listed here only because it is based entirely on true events. The story is about two young computer developers.
  9. Helvetica is about typography and graphic design. Surprisingly:)
  10. Гельветика - 12 документальных фильмов
  11. " Exit Through the Gift Shop " - a film about street design and artists, shot by Banksy, including himself.
  12. Выход через сувенирную лавку - 12 документальных фильмов
  13. " Design Stories " is a program-series dedicated to the most extraordinary creations of architects around the world.
  14. Art and Copy - about the creative advertising revolution of the 60s in the USA.
  15. Аrt and copy - 12 документальных фильмов
  16. " Bill Gates: how a weirdo changed the world " - the title speaks for itself.

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