15 feature films about design and software

16 художественных фильмов о дизайне и программном обеспечении

How many films there are about superheroes with unusual magical abilities, about valiant policemen and people who simply got into trouble and showed their most worthy qualities. Films about talented artists, programmers and advertisers are also very popular, although the main character usually has only his talent, as well as many problems and, often, a complete lack of material resources. And, although there are usually a lot of blunders and inconsistencies in such films, this is justified by the desire to show the viewer the very essence, without delving into professional nuances. We have selected several films that we especially remember about software, design and work, work, work on creating real masterpieces of software, advertising and art.

    1. " Hackers " is about programmers and their illegal activities.
    1. " Hackers 2. Hacking " - a different story, different characters, but still the same illegal problems.
    2. " How I was friends on a social network " - a film made under home video about online dating.
    3. " Pirates of Silicon Valley " is about the work of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Based on real events.
Пираты силиконовой долины
    1. " The Geeks " is a series about a fictional computer company.
    2. " Network " - a film about how a citizen of a country can be erased using a computer and access to government databases.
    3. " Keepers of the Network " is a Russian film about three adventurers who went over to the side of "good".
    4. Generation Pi is a Russian film based on the book by Viktor Pelevin.
    5. " Advertising for a Genius " is a film about the ability to advertise oneself and one's own talents and works.
Реклама для гения
    1. " 99 francs " - about advertising and advertisers.
99 франков
    1. "The Social Network " is about the creation of Facebook.
    2. " Firewall " is about difficult situations that arise in the life of an ordinary computer security specialist.
    3. " Version 1.0 " is about secret human experiments.
    4. " Code hunter " is an incredible story about a super program that controls the weather.
code hunter

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