Answers in ten from our manager Valery

Интервью с менеджером

There will be many significant days in our studio this summer. Another Day of Jam crept up unnoticed. The tradition cannot be broken, so the birthday boy had to be tormented with annoying questions today. Catch a new interview with our account manager Valery.

1. What is your education?

English and French translator. I just wanted to study there, this is education for the soul. Probably, many guys in their youth dream of learning a foreign language and leaving to live and work “over the hill”. Well, in general, and I am no exception.

2. When did you manage to switch to the web and why did you choose this particular professional field?

The web sphere has always interested me, I was engaged in self-education, created, albeit not the best, but sites.

3. Wasn't it easier then to immediately go to a technical university?

I did not want to go to specialized universities. I’m not friends with the “tower”, and I didn’t want to cram mathematics for five years at all. I understood the logic and main principles of working on the web, and that was enough for me to start working in an IT company from the second year, where I performed many duties, but the main activity was also related to management, as in Webakula. I have been working here for almost two years.

4. What did you dream of becoming as a child?

rich. The dream is in the process of being developed.

5. Explain to mere mortals what your working day consists of?

Basically, I am engaged in planning the work of layout designers, programmers, developers; I follow the deadlines, so that everyone is as busy as possible. We try to plan ahead. For example, it's June now, and we already have everything scheduled until the end of summer. There is also paperwork and meetings with clients.

6. What skills and qualities should an account manager have?

The main quality is attentiveness, to the client in the first place. You need to be able to explain that some wishes are simply impossible to implement, because the web, like any other industry, has its limitations. You need to be able to convince, be able to talk about all the pros and cons, be able to put information on the shelves, and even be able to “sell yourself” so to speak, in order to eventually get a quality platform. The manager is the face of the company and even to some extent its financial impulse. As for interaction with colleagues, I believe that the team should be friends, without this there is nothing to talk about fruitful work and high-quality project implementation. I welcome different types of joint pastime in the studio.

7. What is the main difficulty of your work?

The hardest work is, of course, communication with customers. Each person is unique in his own way, for the manager the main thing is to speak with the client in his language, understand him and ask as many questions as possible so that there are a minimum of comments and adjustments during work. In addition, there are several types of clients. For example, there are status clients who can pay a lot for work, and there are budget clients, but they also understand that high-quality work is not cheap. It also happens that even a status client does not want to part with his hard-earned money, he needs to explain what his money will be used for. But there are also many pleasant moments, I like to work on interesting, extraordinary projects. I like that in my work you can endlessly improve yourself and develop.

8. Do you have a hobby? How do you relax after work?

I like to have a rest on the nature, sorties, shish kebabs, drive in football, volleyball. My hobby is essentially the same job: I have my own Internet portal.

9. Valera, tell me honestly, are you a workaholic?

Lately, I feel like myself, although rather no than yes. The work is easy for me, it brings pleasure and a sense of self-affirmation - this is an ideal scenario for the development of events.

10. During your work as a manager, what qualities did you develop in yourself?

Ability to work with objections, the ability to win over and convince, stress resistance.

Valera, once again we congratulate you on your birthday! We wish you health, development, success and rich but accommodating clients who are willing to pay big money for quality work.

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