Collective office creativity - enso

Коллективное офисное творчество – энсо

Everyone knows the Polish proverb: “What is too busy is not healthy,” so after the hard work of the convolutions, it is very useful to switch to another type of activity. It is especially pleasant for modern sapiens, who for the most part gradually forget how it is to write by hand, take multi-colored ballpoint pens into their upper limbs and draw enso.

It sounds scary, but in fact it is one of the most ancient calligraphic symbols, in other words, a circle. It is generally accepted that enso embodies nothing less than the Universe, but also: enlightenment, nothingness, sophistication, strength, and even the present moment in time. This symbol is also associated with Zen Buddhism. It doesn't matter if the circle is closed or not, it's still enso. They even say that by the way the circle is drawn, one can determine the character of the artist. Only a person with a pure spirit can create a true enso. Professional calligraphers can spend hours practicing their skills in depicting this symbol, and by drawing circles every day, keep their "spiritual diary".

So, inspired by the initiator of this venture - our designer Alexei - we armed ourselves with writing instruments and began to create and create. With the seeming limitations of expressive means and techniques, it was possible to draw a circle in a spiral in several ways: inward, from the inside, counterclockwise and clockwise, as well as with the right and left hand. In addition, such an activity fascinates both the performer himself and the observers, so that if desired, the experiment could be stretched for a whole month, or even more.

It was planned that we would dedicate several minutes to the collective masterpiece for 7 weekdays, but already on the 5th day a piece of paper began to emit desperate groans, and it was decided to reduce its torment to 6 days. Everyone could take part in the art manipulation, but they managed to make their own contribution: designer Aleksey, director Anna, seo-optimizer Olga and your humble servant, content manager Natalya.

It may seem to some that we are just fooling around during a lunch break, but, for example, the Swiss teacher Peter Büchi believes that by drawing shapes, feelings can be developed and strengthened. So this is not a refined form of procrastination for you, but a sure path to enlightenment.

Now a real work of art hangs in our office and excites the minds of the workforce, similar to either a fish eye, or a black hole, or the sun, or a portal to another dimension.


By the way, if the blog does not appear new articles for a long time, call the ghost hunters, Mulder and Scully, the Men in Black and free us from the intergalactic trap.

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