Hacking one of Webakula's servers failed


Attempts by a circle of individuals, and possibly direct competitors of Webakula, to damage the existing sites of the company failed. According to the information of the hosting provider Webakula, there were clear signs of hacking attempts, as a result of which access was opened to the test part of one of the servers hosting the sites under development, access to which is possible only for the company's clients.

Recall that Webakula is one of the leaders of Internet companies in the development and promotion of Internet sites in the city of Kharkov.

After receiving the information, the specialists of our company took all measures to eliminate the possible damage. All already completed and working projects of the company were not affected. In total, Webakula has created 126 sites during its existence, of which 9 projects are foreign.

With the help of server software, on the specified server, as well as on the rest, files and databases are backed up daily, in the case of this server, these are 76 client sites, thus we reliably provide our clients from such hacking attempts and taking possession of other people's information . Our support team monitors the health of the server on a daily basis, which maximizes the smooth operation of our clients' websites.

For prevention, all backup copies of sites for the last 24 hours were restored, and access rights to server resources were updated. To ensure the fastest possible solution to the problem, the entire team of the company worked - programmers, managers, layout designers and SEO specialists.

As a result of the measures taken, the problem was quickly resolved within one hour.

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