How to stay creative


"Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist when you grow up" - Pablo Picasso

This is a statement about the direct relationship between imagination and age. It is normal for society when children draw pink elephants or ask questions like "Why is the sky not red but blue?" As we get older, in schools we are taught a logical approach to thinking. We are taught to collect existing information instead of looking for various new ways to solve problems.

In childhood, we are strongly influenced by fairy tales and games, but then we have to grow up. The older a person gets, the more he uses the "What is" principle in life and forgets how many possibilities the "What if..." approach can open up.

Creative thinking is often seen as not practical.

Logic, which works great in evaluating and executing an idea, can greatly interfere with the creative process if it leads us away from a new approach to a problem.

About the so-called. "creative" and interesting design can be said only after putting aside all stereotypes, public opinions and established rules. It is impossible to come up with something new by constantly clinging to the old.

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