How we went kayaking


On a wonderful Saturday morning, the whole company left the city to do this ... Yes, we rafted along the Seversky Donets in kayaks or, as experienced tourists say, we went. We assembled kayaks under the clear guidance of instructor Igor, we would have dealt with this matter ourselves for a long time.

Olya and Lesha are assembling a kayak


And there you go! So, the programmer Ilya and the instructor Igor are watching, and Anya is working :)


Satisfied Marina


The SEOs were the first to build the boat, what else can I say, they brought it to the top...

After charging to collect kayaks, we swam!
Everything was fine, a wonderful view of the river, warm water, all living creatures fly and jump - beauty. Hungry, we moored to the shore to cook field porridge. As soon as we got ashore, a cow appeared, showing with all her appearance that she had come to the watering place and we were disturbing her here. A minute later, another cow appeared, then a few more, and then, broke through! The cows were hard to count, they kept coming and coming. For a while we waited for the cows to leave soon, but this never happened. Our men bravely won the canoes from the cows and we moved to the other side. Good thing cows don't fly...
We had a wonderful rest, by the way, my hands didn’t hurt the next day :) We recommend such an active holiday to everyone

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