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Фото с И. Ашмановым On September 21, the long-awaited conference was held in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, the slogan of which was "We promote your business, not your website." But the most important thing is that the conference was organized by the well-known company "Ashmanov and Partners", which has rich experience in promoting Internet resources in Runet. It was the organizer of the event who influenced our decision to become listeners of reports on the promotion and promotion of sites, the exchange of experience of SEO specialists. Despite the rather capacious conference program, a large number of reports that require utmost attention and concentration, on the whole the conference was easy, we liked it very much, and there was a great desire to attend a future conference in Moscow.
Ipromo - с Игорем Ашмановым Ipromo - with Igor Ashmanov Круглый стол Round table
Общение Participants of the round table in the process of communication На фуршете - с Константином Шурыгиным (Ашманов и Партнеры) At the buffet table - with Konstantin Shurygin (Ashmanov and partners)
I would like to especially note some reports that seemed to be the most practical and I also liked the manner of presentation:
  • Konstantin Shurygin (deputy commercial director, Ashmanov & Partners) "Pseudo-promotion: tricks and tricks";
  • Alexander Fedotov (Ashmanov & Partners) "Post click marketing: increase conversion on current traffic";
  • Roman Vilyavin (deputy director for website promotion in the western segment, Promodo) "Conducting budget branding campaigns on the Internet";
  • Murad Rogozhnikov (Ideal) "What does the conversion consist of, or what does the site sell?"
Separately, I would like to express my gratitude to Konstantin Shurygin for his detailed answers to questions on the sidelines of website promotion : features of RSS import, features of website promotion in Rambler, Yandex website promotion, website promotion in Runet.

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