Interview with photographer Vladimir Ermakov


Photography has long been my passion, I enjoy following the work of several Kharkov photographers, to be honest, I myself try myself in this difficult task ... Today I want to introduce you to a truly free man and a wonderful photographer - Vladimir Ermakov.

Vova, tell me, how many years have you been doing photography and how did you get into it, maybe someone influenced you?

I do photography in several stages... First there was film and FED 5C, my Grandfather and a lot of free time at the dacha with my parents. But it was not real, since I ruined my first film in the trash and saw nothing but white spots there :) Then there was a figure ... Another thing that drew me to photography was that I really love history! History and walks - this is what I did in my spare time! Of my icons (famous photographers) I was most influenced by Henri Cartier Bresso - King of the Moment!
Is your camera always with you?

Yes, always! But sometimes I don't even uncover it... Each photo is a story... a story of a person and a place, a history of the relationship between time and space The photographer is an outside observer of life, impartial. And sometimes you want to be a participant in this life, this story. That is why when I focus through the viewfinder, I always leave one eye open :)

Once you talked about what you got because you were filming some people ... Tell me, is it probably difficult to do reportage shooting with us?

Not difficult, such situations are the exception rather than the rule! It is sometimes difficult due to the fact that people who have funds, such as real estate or something else, do not always get these funds referring to at least some laws, but rather to "concepts" and seeing a photographer, they perceive him as an agent for real estate or a detective :) For the most part, people are quite open and friendly ... it's hard to shoot only when you catch your eye.
You are a real shot hunter! Are you interested in commercial photography?

Sometimes! when money is needed. Commercial photography is also different! I once managed to sell a collection of city cards to a company for an office.... a semi-commercial project, because I was pleased to deal with it!

You see, your work is gaining popularity!

Hope! I really hope! In general, I think that if you find a job you like, you will not work a single day :)

Vova, how do you feel about multi-station photographers?

This is a stage that has been passed for a long time .... A multi-station tool is not a path, it is a step .

To find yourself?

Yes... any creativity is a search for yourself! As Grebenshchikov sang: "You draw yourself, I'm not here!".

Tell us about your technique, what is in your case (case - bag for the camera)?

Now the telephoto is 70-300 Sigma, I don’t use the motor, I always point with my hands - it’s a habit, probably, a staffer nikkor 18-55 and a favorite - nikkor 50mm 1.8, until recently the carcass was nikon d90, but now again alone with d40 ... I hope , I don’t look in the direction of the d300s for a long time and, of course, I have a book in my bag, either Venechka Erofeev, or Kharms :) And also a map of the city, a thermos with coffee and nut syrup !!!
You are a free man?

Yes, I am a free man!

What is freedom for you?

Absence of prejudices and stereotypes.... Prejudices... And press "Shutter" when I want :)

What book have you read recently?

Now I read the poetry of Jim Morrison and generally love the beatniks.
Yes, you yourself are a bit of a beatnik ... A great compliment !!! no one has ever called me that - it's very nice! In general, I really like Kharms and Alexei Tolstoy.
Movie? what kind of movies do photographers watch?

I really love Gregory, Colbert, and there was also such an amateur film under the strange name BARAKA, I really like it because there are no random frames in this film, there is no expensive film wasted (if we return to the conversation from multi-station). From feature films, perhaps not so much - "The Big Lebowski", "500 days of Summer", "Full Metal Jacket", "Eyes Wide Shut" - I love Kubrick in general ... He devoted his whole life to details and trifles.
Are you going to make your own website, maybe participate in exhibitions, in general, what are the plans of a free person? More like a website! Not enough material for the exhibition yet!

Don't be modest, so we immediately chose a few photos for our office, but how many more are hidden away? I know from my little experience in photography ...

Yes, there are some in the bins :))) By the way, I am now interested in a series of photographs ... I want to take a series of objects on the road, what people forget or throw away, and a series of pediments of houses.

Vova, what do you wish the readers of our blog?

Look less under your feet - more around!
Wow, thank you so much for an interesting conversation! You notice - this is such a rarity in our vain world!

That's why I have a lot of bruises on my knees :)))

We are grateful to you for the photos that adorn the walls in our office, we wish you success and will follow your work!
You can see more works on Vova's Vkontakte page

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