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For 9 years we have been creating effective websites and landing pages for "mass demand" goods. We conclude a contract, carefully study all the needs of the client, organize the phased work of full-time specialists and ensure the result. In a word, we work well, and we know about it. But this is the first time they have encountered such impudent theft of their developments.

So, we found our landing page by another company. Here is a link to our portfolio - , here is a link to a stolen work -

Only phones have changed. Those who decided to use our developments did not even bother to remove our corporate sign at the bottom of the page, which we use to indicate copyright (copyright). Perhaps these "specialists" considered it a design element?

Who offers an “original approach and individual design of projects”, but in reality - theft of other people's ideas? Here are the people who are listed as the creators of the developers of the "left" landing of the Kyiv studio Motus:

  • Creative director: Vitaly Zharkovsky
  • Project manager: Sergey Melnik
  • Systems Synchronization: Roman Koval
  • Web designer: Anastasia Romanova
  • Typesetter: Vladimir Priymak
  • Seo-specialist: Sergey Bernatsky

Imagine, six people at the same time were thinking about how to replace phones in a stolen landing page! Indeed, in fact, they did not perform any work, but they certainly assumed some obligations to their customers, and even received money for the “development” carried out!

We believe that the theft of our landing page is a direct violation of copyright and related rights. In addition, we consider it unacceptable that such “specialists” continue to provide services for the “development and promotion” of landing pages. Moreover, they are unlikely to really work in the company, since one of the authors mentioned above orders the development of sites on freelance. Here are the links - ,


We consider it necessary to warn as many people as possible. This attitude towards work cannot be considered normal! We developed a color scheme, studied the preferences of the target audience, applied parallax scrolling effects in order for our customer to get as many buyers as possible, and not for the scammers to resell the landing! Therefore, we send all information with screenshots and links to Ukrainian web studios. Perhaps in the portfolio of "specialists" someone else's work will be found. Agree, it is important to know if someone is using intellectual property unauthorized.

Since we understand that scammers, having seen this information and their jambs, will try to wipe everything, delete, etc., we specially saved the results of the site pages and the image of working with our logo on their page as of November 21, 2017 on the WebArchive service (links below):

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