New Years corporate party


корпоративный новый год On Wednesday, December 29, the whole company celebrated the corporate new year. The choice fell on the Stargorod beer restaurant, where there is always noise and fun, rivers of beer and delicious pork knee.

Natalia (manager) : “It was delicious and a lot of fun. Lots of corporations. I really liked the cheerful pig that walked around the hall.

Marina (designer) : “I never thought that there could be too much champagne. I have never eaten such delicious meat.”

Eugene (designer) : “Noisy. The beer gave me a headache."

Ilya (programmer) : “A unique toilet. You write and watch football without looking up from the game.”

Olga (seo-specialist) : “I liked the Siska team, for whom I sincerely supported. I also appreciated the rest room.

Anna (director) : “Stargorod is always delicious and fun. Super! But our next corporate party will be ONLY in the office.

We share our photo report:

корпоратив Довольная Марина
Свинья  Илья и свинья

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