Practice in Webakula or how to learn how to create a website design in 3 weeks


The last three weeks in the Webakula studio was an internship
Maria Zueva Maria Zueva, second-year student of the Lugansk State Institute of Culture and Arts, specialty - Artistic and computer graphics.

Maria shared her impressions of the time spent in our company:

“I decided that I wanted to try my hand at web design, because. I have never worked in this area before. However, the task set by me was not limited to this - I decided to do an internship in Kharkov. And so…

When I first came to the WebAkula office, I was pleasantly surprised by the bright, warm and cozy interior, not without elements of strict diplomacy. I looked around and said to myself: “Yes, yes, yes! I want to practice here!”

The spirit of goodwill and mutual respect reigns in the team of the company. I really liked it and was a little surprised that in the office I did not hear the address by name and patronymic, which usually makes communication unnecessary, in my opinion, officialdom.

During the internship, I mainly worked and communicated with the manager Natalia, the designer Olga, and the director Anna. These people helped me understand both the structure of the company itself and the tasks that I performed.

I immediately liked the designer Olga very much. A creative, understanding, loving person. Building websites is not that easy. But it is much more difficult to create, as WebAkula does, competent, convenient and beautiful sites.

Talking with Olga for three weeks of my practice, I realized that she really understands website design issues, and does not miss the opportunity to improve. She always follows the news, reads books on color science, composition, typography.

When I came to the firm, I still did not understand and did not know what web design is. When I was given the first task - to design the main page of a women's website - I was a little scared that I would not be able to cope with the task.

The first version of the site design , in my opinion, is terrible. You can also look at it:

Creation of website design before practice

Olga, having seen my work, informed me about it very correctly, immediately showing and suggesting how and what is better to correct, why and why, what are my mistakes and how to eliminate them from further work. I really liked her attitude to my work, easy communication with me, clarity of speech construction and soft, unobtrusive criticism.

It is very pleasant to work with such people, it is pleasant to learn from them and learn from experience. Together, we were able to transform my initially terrible site into a completely pleasing and user-friendly version, the color scheme of which was suitable for both theme and readability, without detracting from the informative content of the site.

Here is the result that I achieved by the end of the practice:

Creation of website design after practice

I really enjoyed my summer internship!

I would like to wish WebAkula further prosperity, success, inexhaustible creative potential (and, of course, an inexhaustible flow of customers). I also want to thank you for the friendly attitude, pleasant working atmosphere, knowledge, experience passed on to me, and the positive emotions that I received from working and communicating with you!”

We present you the commentary of the head of the practice from the Webakula studio, Olga Krasnikova:

“During the practice, Maria proved herself to be a capable, educated student with good technical knowledge of graphic editors.

The design of printing products was given to our intern easier than the web, but, listening to my recommendations regarding the structure, color, typography of the site, Maria got a good job. Well, if we make an adjustment for the fact that she was the first to develop the design of the site, then in general her work can be appreciated very highly.

I wish Maria success in her studies and find an interesting job!”

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