Questions from the team - interview with content manager Natalia

Интервью с контент-менеджером

As you may have noticed, there was no fresh article on the shark blog last week. All because I (content manager Natalya) had a Jam Day, and for a long time we could not decide what to do with a traditional interview. I usually interrogate birthday people, but answering my own questions is akin to a mental disorder. Colleagues decided to save me from clouding my mind, and everyone who was interested asked a tricky question about me and the fascinating profession of a content manager.

1. What do you like about being a content manager? (Layout designer Ksyu)

I like multitasking, it's good when you can switch from one type of work to another. In addition, I like to work with information, I am always up to date with the latest news, trends and jokes. This kind of work doesn't get boring.

2. Natasha, tell us what knowledge and skills are needed to be a successful content manager and copywriter? (SEO-optimizer Olga)

LITERACY and love for your work. By "love" I mean a genuine interest in the work. A content manager must be a knowledgeable person, comprehensively developed and, of course, be on “you” with site admins. His best ally in terms of turning from a young Padawan into a true Jedi is experience. Skill comes only with experience and directly during work. Erudition and curiosity are useful in any business, but for copywriters and journalists they are a must.

3. What features do you think an interesting blog post should have? What is the secret to great content? (Director Anna)

The work of a content manager remotely reminds me of the principles of the work of writers, in the sense that I imagine them. Writers, indirectly or directly, always have a dialogue with the reader, so it is possible and necessary to communicate with users through content. A successful post is always focused on the interests and preferences of users, it should be, first of all, interesting to your reader. Let me share a little secret. Modern people for the most part have a clip consciousness, it is difficult for them to concentrate for a long time, therefore, the more concise the post, the better, but at the same time it should be as informative and unique as possible, and if it is also slightly flavored with humor, then success is guaranteed.

4. How goal-oriented are you? What achievements can you boast of? (Project manager Valery)

I think purposeful. In any case, I always do what I like, and I consider this a sign of a strong-willed character. I studied at the finest university, go in for sports, do some extreme sports, it adds color to my life, and now I have an interesting job and I'm not going to stop there. Basically, I don't like to brag. I can only say that I have not only achievements, but also new goals, in which I already launch arrows and I am sure that they will all hit the bull's-eye.

5. Natalya, if your life is described in three sentences, what would those sentences be? Please describe. (Designer Alexey)

Something strange is constantly going on in my head, but that is probably why it generates a million ideas. I'm too lazy to do nothing, so I find a thousand exciting activities for myself. My life is a constant movement, both physically and spiritually.

6. Tell us about your hobbies. (Designer Anna)

Probably my main hobby is sports. I did volleyball, kickboxing, Arabic dancing (for a very short time), and now I do capoeira. I devote my free time to traveling and active, sometimes extreme rest, always and everywhere, at every convenient and inconvenient occasion, I listen to music, read a lot (fiction, works on psychology and philosophy, advertising in the subway, inscriptions on fences).

7. I heard that you are caring for dancing, but not quite usual for our latitudes. Tell me, why did you choose capoeira? (Vice-President of KK Stas)

Multitasking is always with me, I love everything unusual and diverse. Capoeira is a syncretic martial art, and perhaps the emphasis should be on the last word. Where else, besides the ability to distribute cuffs, could I learn to be cunning, play unusual musical instruments, sing songs in Portuguese, get acquainted with the traditions and culture of Brazil and practice acrobatics? With one shot, I killed several birds with one stone.

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