Reboot 4.0


We present a complete redesign of our website - "Redesign 4.0". Absolutely every studio specialist participated in this complete reboot, making it more convenient and understandable for our clients.

We changed everything, from beginning to end, we worked hard and without interruption on our own project and at the same time continued to solve the problems of our clients.
1.5 months flew by like a flash and now we are ready to present you our new vision of web development. Bright, presentable and comfortable. Thanks to him, you can imagine exactly how we work - with full dedication and maximum results for our customers.

What changed?

Taking into account all the accumulated experience in developing high-quality projects, we completely changed our site, rethinking not just the interface, but the site itself as a product, making it clearer, simpler and more convenient.


Went without crutches. The main thing is a modern framework with which you can solve almost any task of web development. Ease of project administration, landing page builder, simple media content management and wide opportunities for SEO optimization. Flexible technologies to optimize page loading speed.


Having made a usability analysis of our site, we introduced various goodies for visitors, focusing on content visualization - detailed service pages, marketing traps to capture the visitor's attention, cool Call to action, a blog with autoload for those who like to read about the innovations of the web world.


We always follow the latest trends in web design, so we filed a trendy design for ourselves - a clean, understandable and minimalistic design that is designed to focus visitors on a specific service, and not on the technical innovations of the site. Videophones and typography are at the heart of the design - large headlines, obstruction and other original "experiments" with text.

How are innovations useful to you?

Now it has become even more convenient to find the necessary information, the site interface has become clean, content-oriented. Each service has its own "landing pages", online presentations, where the processes of creating websites , business cards, online stores are described in detail.

The site itself gained momentum thanks to video backgrounds, and properly selected fonts do not allow texts and inscriptions to get lost. We deliberately chose a huge menu and large fonts to show the importance of our services to your business. Agree, so the information is perceived better!

We do the same for our clients. Tell us about it so we can plan your project . We do not use templates, and all development is always done from scratch, only taking into account your vision of your own business and the requirements of your audience. In addition, we use all trends when they are “on the wave”, and not when interest in them has passed. You can see it thanks to our new website!

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