Super action for participants of the Fashion-award project

fashion премия харьков In support of the Fashion Award project , WebAkula announces a super promotion for participants and guests of the Fashion Award project . "FASHION-PRIMIA" is a monthly project during which fashion companies, famous personalities and iconic people of Kharkiv are singled out and awarded , as well as the most beautiful girls of our city.

So, for the participants and guests of the Fashion project, the premium is a discount on the creation of sites and the promotion (promotion) of sites - 10% !!!

On March 6, the V Fashion-award was held at the Radmir club, as a gift to women on the podium that day there were only men. The female half of the club watched shows of clothes and shoes performed by young people.
Fashion man Fashion man
The guys tried to please the public, because representatives of some companies could give a gift to the guy they liked.

WebAkula chose Alexander Melnik and handed him a pre-prepared present in a branded package.
Директор ВебАкулы объявляет свой выбор Кому же достанется подарок?
Вот кто стал счастливым обладателем подарка! И пару слов о компании..
V Fashion-award was beautiful and worthy!
Ведущий Гости
And especially for the guests and participants of the WebAkula project, it offers a super action - a discount on the creation of sites, as well as on the promotion of sites. Скидка для гостей и участников проекта Fashion премия

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