Swim in a new style, or the rebranding of Webakula


Заплыв Акулы в новом стиле Almost four years have passed since the founding of the company. We are developing, changing the format, constantly improving, each time our sites are getting better.

It's time for us to change too. It is with great pleasure that we present you the new logo of our company.

Заплыв Акулы в новом стиле Of course, our updated fin takes center stage in a simple geometric figure that we have chosen as a symbol of the whole. The circle is security, unity and at the same time diversity. We are such a friendly team that creates high-quality design and treats all customers with care and understanding.

The logo has a color scheme. For us, the best color is turquoise, almost the color of the sea wave on the azure coast. We are sharks, and we feel like fish in water on the Internet.

When developing the main company logo, we separated two more areas of our company - identity (corporate style) and SEO (website promotion or promotion).

заплыв Акулы в новом стиле - айдентика Working further with geometric shapes, the WebAkula logo for the “ identity ” direction was born. The square is a symbol of stability, honesty, reliability. Be sure that a logo designed in a studio that professes such principles is already 50% successful! The green color is also not chosen by chance. The main psychological characteristics of this color are stability, and at the same time progress, as well as commitment. Green has a calming effect and helps to concentrate.

Заплыв Акулы в новом стиле - seo The logo of the seo division is a dynamic triangle , a symbol of growth and constant movement, because this is what our seo specialists do. Orange color is a symbol of inexhaustible energy and strength, kindness, joy and desire to improve oneself.

In general, our new style has become stricter, more dynamic and, of course, more modern. The graphic symbol can be detached from the company name and remain recognizable, even in a very small size, in b/w or in color.

In connection with the development of a new logo, we slightly updated the design of the site (I'll tell you a secret, a radically new site is being developed at the studio, only shhh!). In the near future we are going to update all our printing, souvenir products. Follow us, it will be interesting !

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