The most incredible pearls of customers

Самые невероятные перлы заказчиков

Stories from the life of designers and clients.

  1. Is it possible to make the background mirrored on our site so that the user comes in and sees his reflection?

  2. Designer: “What should your website feel like?”

    Client: "Awe."

  3. A business card site is a site the size of a business card?

  4. Can we agree on an advance payment after submitting a sketch?

  5. If there is no flash on the site, a person will never visit it again

  6. I would like to see some warm color in the layout.. well, for example, blue...

  7. Make the background rainbow and the letters are all multi-colored, but only to be solid!

  8. The design should be simple, minimalist, like an orange cow flying across the sky with strawberries pouring out of it.

  9. Designer: So what color would you like to make the inscription?

    Client: What colors do you have?

  10. Well, it seems to us that this should be done in the style of dreams, but this is mainly a section for men. You go to the beach, and there randomly beautiful girls fly by. Piece twenty. They fly, fly ... And then hop ... and a raccoon!

  11. Hello! Could you re-upload the photos to my website? It seems to me that they faded from so many clicks on them!

  12. I need a butter and cheese sandwich for a banner. I have a tomato sandwich, can you magically turn a tomato into butter?

  13. The site header should contain a beautiful and large illustration on the theme of the forest and hunting, because all hunters love to look at pictures and then read.

  14. I don't know what I want, I don't know what I need. But if you do, I'll know right away.

  15. I am interested in developing a business card site. It should be possible to order goods, pay by credit card, register, add photos and chat with friends.

  16. And you can write the text to me in the booklet, well, figure out what our company sells. And then I don’t really understand, I’m selling this current.

  17. This layout is just wonderful, and the font is beautiful, the illustration fits perfectly. And the red color is so bright! But let's remove the picture, write all the letters of the same height and black color, and let the background be white.

  18. We love your version, it's amazing! Just great. But change it.

  19. Change the current background color (blue) to the color of the transparent summer sky.

  20. The terms of reference have changed a little and instead of the image of a business center, we need an octopus on the poster, but not ugly and slimy, but smart and understanding.

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Перлы заказчиков

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