Top answers to tricky requests from SEO-optimizer Olga

Интервью с seo-оптимизатором Ольгой

As promised, on the eve of the new celebration, we continue to interrogate Webakula employees. This time the role of a public person fell to the SEO-optimizer Olga. The new role turned out to be somewhat unusual, so she is not alone in the photo. A hint about which of the girls in the photo is Olga is in the interview itself.

1. Everyone is always interested in where real SEO gurus are brought up. What's your education? Did it influence your development as a specialist?

I studied at the University of Internal Affairs, specialty: information management systems and technologies. Of course, this was the base and basis for my further development as an SEO optimizer, but no connections in the police can help an SEO specialist. In any case, I don’t know universities that train SEO experts, and the start of my career did not start in this area. I worked as a content manager, a year of hard work was enough for me to understand what was happening, get to know the sites better, their features, whims and habitat, and then start trying SEO.

1. Explain simply and clearly what SEO is.

SEO is shamanism, and the main SEO tool is a tambourine. And all because no one knows exactly how search algorithms work. They take into account hundreds of indicators and it is impossible to please all their whims. Even Google and Yandex employees will not give clear guidelines for bringing a site to the TOP. Approximately the same sites can be on different search results pages for no apparent reason. There are no guarantees in SEO, but this does not mean that a planetary alignment or a specific day of the lunar calendar is necessary for successful promotion. Success is guaranteed only by work and a rather impressive stock of knowledge.

1. Are customers already quite familiar with the specifics of SEO?

Customers are now literate and savvy, they operate in professional terms and know exactly what they want, and those who do not know will find out. There are also clients who, according to them, themselves know how this or that task is performed, but they simply do not have time for this. Now it has become clear to most site owners that SEO is a necessity, it is a tool that increases sales and promotes business development.

1. Do you find your work difficult?

I think it's interesting. As in every profession, there are difficulties, but without them there are no achievements.

1. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of your profession.

The disadvantage is that not everything depends on the optimizer, and there are no exact guarantees - this is the only negative. Everything else is a plus. The process itself does not depress me.

1. What are the prospects for the development of SEO? Comment on the opinion that website optimization is dying.

SEO is not dying, but getting smarter, and this is for the better: optimized sites, as a rule, have become more like sites, positive changes have affected everything: usability, design, and content quality. The Panda and Penguin algorithms familiar to all optimizers significantly darken our workflow and do not allow us to enjoy life, but their appearance is natural. Algorithms are constantly being improved and I am with them, and so is all SEO. It is no longer enough to hurriedly jot down spammy text and run it through the directories. A real seo-specialist needs to always be in the know and constantly monitor changes in search engine algorithms, determine what can be improved on the site to increase conversion, and not just traffic, make the site interesting and attractive not only for robots, but also for people. It is quite natural at the same time that the costs of website promotion are growing and will continue to grow.

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Oh, this is a stupid question often asked in job interviews. I see myself as a professional, and a professional can work anywhere and benefit society. When you fully know what to do, then all roads are open.

1. What can you wish to newcomers? What qualities should they cultivate in themselves?

The future optimizer needs, first of all, a base: an understanding of computer technology and the IT sphere. He should be ready to devote the lion's share of his free time to self-education: to read blogs of well-known experts, which contain examples of their work, conclusions, recommendations, and experiments. This is a prerequisite, because SEO is an inexact science, everything is constantly changing and evolving here, and the result is achieved only experimentally, through trial and sometimes error. After that, the young seo-padawn can count on the position of an assistant seo-specialist and will begin to gain valuable experience, without him - nowhere. As for the qualities ... How do they write in the resume? Attentive, assiduous… (laughs) No, the main thing is desire and patience.

1. Do you have a hobby? What do you do in your free time?

Work is my main hobby, and on weekends I like to read classic literature, watch movies and ride a bike. Although, not so long ago I still had a love for fish and especially for our office fish named Rybka. Together with our vice-president of the company, Stas, we have established a secret feeding system for her. We have developed secret spy signals known only to us, by which we determine whether the pet is fed. The system works smoothly - Rybka is always full, and the water in her aquarium is crystal clear.

А вот и подсказка :)

Olya, we wish you to celebrate your birthday colorfully, and on Monday be ready for gifts and congratulations.

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