We are already 4 years old!


On November 16, we became one more year older. 4 years is a hell of a age. This year has been full of events and decisions for us: important, serious and difficult at the same time. It is also a huge push forward - to new heights and victories. In fact, there is something to raise glasses to.

For the upcoming holiday, we began to prepare in advance. To begin with, it was decided that our party would be in the Italian style: pizza, wine, mafia and Italian music. The main entertainment of the evening was the mafia game - a game of gambling intellectuals, and by the way, a criminal gang won.

So, here's how it all started.

Начало праздника

Everyone prepares for the celebration in their own way - Alexei tunes in the right way.

дизайнер Алексей

Our Seo-professionals Olya and Vadim and Serezha are programming gurus.

Оля и СережаВадим

Our managers. The holiday is in full swing. Valera: "Oh, how good it is!"


Sasha: "Oh mommy, who's here?" Natasha: "Calm down, it's our flying shark!"


Everyone was trying to catch the shark by the tail.

Аня и Стас

Our celebration was attended by a special guest - the mascot and symbol of our company - a real shark, which occupied the central place of fun all evening and was not left without attention. And now he is a member of our team, who gives strength and inspiration to each employee.

The shark lurked in the director's office Anya.


Content manager Lena and layout designer Oksana.


Art director Olya and director Anya. Olya especially made friends with the shark.

ОляОля и Аня

Many thanks to everyone for the warm congratulations and good mood.

PS During the party, a very useful and unusual invention was made - a flying fork. It is very convenient and original, especially when there is only one fork and the company is large.

Летающая вилка

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