Web, labor, May or the first five-year plan of Webakula

Веб, труд, май или первая пятилетка Webakula

Our union is unbreakable and therefore Webakula is celebrating its debut anniversary. We've been working hard for the good of the web and have prepared a colorful and entertaining report on the implementation of the first five-year plan with a traditional pleasant surprise for our clients.

We were born to make a fairy tale come true, therefore, at work time, we plow at night, we increase the efficiency and quality of work at every workplace, trying to catch up and overtake competitors. The motto of the Webakula work team is: to work with joy, and from work with pride.

Did you congratulate WebShark on its first anniversary?

The most humane judge in the world is our seo-optimizer Olga

Our goals are clear, the tasks are defined, let's not rant for a long time, and move on to the promised surprise. Comrades, everyone who congratulates us on the successful completion of the first five-year plan will be guaranteed to receive a gift certificate with a 5% discount on any service.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his work. The author of the most sincere wish will win an honorary prize - a gift certificate with a 20% discount on any service. The winner on November 20 will be determined by the most humane judge in the world - our seo-optimizer Olga.

Don't wait for a good uncle to do everything for you.

Know how to congratulate "sharks", loving various labors.

We have something to tell about the five-year plan for quality and our labor victories. See for yourself and don't forget to congratulate us.

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