Webakula is 7 years old!



We have a wonderful event - Webakula celebrated its seventh anniversary!

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our successes over the past year!

To your attention 7 main achievements for the 7th year of the studio)))

Only the latest technology! New version of Angry CMS 2.0 has been launched:

  • high fault tolerance under heavy loads;
  • admin panel: convenient, simple and, moreover, adaptive;
  • SEO optimization has become much easier thanks to the rich built-in tools.

Gaining momentum! Thanks to the efforts of our team, more than 50 various Internet projects have been launched. All of them have a bright European design, are loaded with many attractive effects, and, of course, are adaptive ;)

Not just words! All our specialists have confirmed their high qualifications and received certificates of specialists in Google Adwords and Analytics.

Full branding! We conducted a branding campaign to promote the products of one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry - the audience reached 4,500,000 users.

Not SEO Alone! 90% of our clients know and use such promotion channels as contextual advertising, banner advertising, remarketing, advertising in social networks, etc.

More creativity! The team has replenished with new, creative specialists, studio exchanges of experience have become weekly. Now we have even more new ideas and possibilities.

Bringing knowledge to the masses! Over the past year, we have prepared 250 articles, each material has been tested by us in practice, and many of our readers have already seen the effectiveness of the proposed solutions!

Our cheerful, shark photo report!!


First, our brave team ended up in "Isolation" - each team got into a certain quest room and had to get out of it.


The team led by Stanislav simply did not notice any obstacles in the "Garage" room and came to the finish line first, practically beating the record time of this room!


"Prisoners" were the second, to escape from the "Prison" was not so easy.


The developers did not get out of the room in the allotted hour, because the room was bugged and it would take 40 hours to fix bugs!


But we became rare visitors who were able to take the trophy out of the quest room. Further, our quest continued in nature.




What is nature today without high technology.


With us was already a favorite game - Jenga. Here are some selfies from us.

IMG_3 IMG_3088

What's a birthday without a custom cake :)


Z.Y. Our managers are so harsh that... think for yourself ;)


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