Yandex seminar on online advertising

Website promotion in Yandex On October 8, Kharkiv hosted a practical seminar dedicated to the prospects of online advertising and the advertising opportunities of Yandex in particular. Leading experts from Yandex together with AdLabs-Ukraine talked about ways to solve various business problems with the help of online advertising - from increasing sales to launching a new product on the market. The speakers clearly demonstrated how it is necessary to correctly plan an advertising campaign on the Internet and measure its effectiveness. In addition, specialists from Yandex and AdLabs, an online marketing agency, shared with the audience in an interesting and accessible way tips on how to create a contextual ad that will attract more potential customers to the site for less money. I would like to note the following reports and thank their authors for their fascinating and practical presentation:
  1. Online advertising: classification, audience, market structure. (Sergey Petrenko)
  2. Yandex.Direct: the basics of skill. (Alexey Kirpichnikov)
  3. The art of choosing words for use in contextual advertising. (Irina Vakarchuk)
  4. How to write a successful advertisement. (Irina Vakarchuk)
  5. Website statistics analysis. Yandex.Metrica. (Sergey Petrenko)
  6. Secrets of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct (Oksana Globa, AdLabs-Ukraine)
  7. Possibilities of media and regional advertising on Yandex. (Sergey Golovko)
Separately, I would like to express my gratitude to the General Director of "Yandex.Ukraine" Sergey Petrenko for detailed and witty answers to questions of interest to the audience regarding the organization of online advertising and the features of website promotion in Yandex.

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