Advertising devices for cryptocurrency mining
Computer equipment
  • The whole world
  • Nov 1 2021 - Dec 31 2021
The client is engaged in the production of cryptocurrency and the sale of related equipment. 
Advertised product - ASIC miners
A task
Launching advertising campaigns around the world to sell cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Setting up an advertising campaign


Shopping Campaigns

For this product, we chose Shopping Campaigns as the main means of achieving the desired result, because in Shopping campaigns for each product the price is displayed, and the price of the product, in turn, was very high.

Search advertising

Search campaigns were chosen as an additional source of traffic. Since the popularity of mining was very high, the traffic was of lower quality than in trading campaigns.
Working on campaigns
Shopping Campaigns
Since there were few goods, and they were all specific models and brands, our script for automatic backing track turned out to be very useful. As an example, you can set target keywords such as "bitmain" or "antminer", and search queries that do not contain them will be automatically minus.
Search campaigns
Despite the fact that there was much less traffic in search campaigns, they required much more work. Some brand names simply could not be used in the ad, reducing performance. Also, the traffic was much lower quality due to the high popularity of mining and the desire of people to "just read" what is ASIC miner.
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