Facebook Ads for Premium Menswear Salon
Men's clothing
  • Lviv
  • 10/09/19 - present
  • Analysis of current advertising campaigns.
  • Launch ads to collect leads and messages in Messenger. 
  • Optimizing ads to reduce cost per lead.


Before the start of any advertising campaign, if there is already a working one, a thorough analysis of the results of the client's advertising campaign is carried out. Based on the analysis, it was decided to launch advertising not only on leads, but also on the messenger.

  1. Lead Ads
    For advertising on search, we created 2 campaigns for the sale of ready-made goods and services.
  2. Custom Audience
    For each ad group, a unique audience was created, which allowed us to analyze the effectiveness.
  3. Ad formats
    The ads were created in various formats - single image, gallery and video.

Many adjustments were made throughout the campaign to increase its ROI.

  1. Audience optimization
    Throughout the campaign, new audiences were constantly texted
  2. Testing new ads
    Several dozen ads were created in different formats to select the most effective
  3. Testing locations
    In addition to the main region, Lviv, neighboring regions were also added to advertising.
  4. Testing ad types
    Advertising campaigns were launched not only to collect leads, but also to send messages to the messenger.

Constant work on advertising campaigns allowed us to get more and more leads within the given budget.

Results achieved
Number of interactions
Average CPC
Number of leads
Lead cost
Conversion rate