Advertising for an online store of building materials
building materials
  • Ukraine
  • May 1, 2021 - Sep 30 2021
Online store of building materials with an assortment of more than 10,000 items.
The client turned to the studio for a complete analysis of the advertising campaign and its further refinement.
Advertised product - building materials
A task
  • Analysis of current advertising campaigns
  • Launching new advertising campaigns
  • Optimization of all advertising channels

Setting up an advertising campaign


Shopping Campaigns

Having studied the client's advertising campaign, we came to the conclusion that it is worth launching a shopping campaign that has not been configured before.

Search advertising

Most of the categories worked in the red, so we left only profitable destinations and made dynamic advertising for specific products.

Analytics set up

Although we have set up ecommerce in Google Analytics, we have set up advanced ecommerce and site search tracking. Also, due to problems on the site side, I had to use ValueTrack tracking templates instead of automatic GCLID markup.
Working on campaigns
Automatic backing track in shopping campaigns
The previously developed and applied script for automatic backtracking of shopping campaigns was also applied on the current project, showing excellent results in cutting off untargeted traffic.
Campaign Filtering
Due to the use of dynamic ads in search, the backing track of search campaigns was carried out much more often and more voluminously than usual,
Google Merchant
In addition to the main shopping campaign, programs such as "Product information posted for free" were also set up; and Customer Reviews program.
Number of interactions
Cost per click
UAH 76,764.11
Average CPC
2.02 UAH
Number of orders from advertising
The cost of one call
UAH 374.45
Average order receipt from advertising
UAH 4,604.29
Conversion rate
Advertising revenue
UAH 943,880.84
Advertising profitability