Agilites website

About the client: Agilites specializes in software testing and development.

Task: designing a corporate website.

We were approached by a team of young and dynamic colleagues in the shop. Therefore, the site turned out to be modern, interactive, with a non-standard structure. On the main page, information about the competitive advantages and the main activities of the company is presented in the simplest and most accessible way.

Сайт компании Agilites

Unusual large sliders are also on the inner pages. We deliberately made the sections of the resource original, different from each other, while maintaining the overall style. This was done in order to be accessible and not boring to tell the site visitor about the services provided.

Дизайн внутренних страниц сайта

In each section of the resource, you can meet a positive corporate hero - a green lizard in various guises. Of course, we did not miss the chance to add conversion elements to the site: all company contacts in the drop-down block, the "Contact" button with the application form.

Дизайн внутренней страницы сайта

A modern young company should be in trend, so it was not possible without the development of an adaptive website design for tablets and smartphones.

Разработка адаптивного дизайна корпоративного сайта