Group of companies "LIGHTNING"
Task #1

Create a modern corporate website for an electrical engineering company.

Task #2
Dispel the myth that a tech site should be drab, nondescript, and lined with text and formulas.


Implemented as a small landing page.
Animated slider presents the field of activity
enterprises and the main message of the site. Info blocks with triggers
trust contribute to improving the conversion of the site. Big
information footer for the convenience of visitors.


The product catalog is an intuitive
clear list of categories to which it belongs
manufactured products. Any potential client
can easily find what you need
with easy navigation.


Product page implemented to provide
maximum information content. After all, potential
For buyers in this area, the smallest details are important.
All specifications are on the page.
manufactured devices, certificates and full description
product and equipment.
About company
The distinctive side of digging "LIGHTNING" is the complete
product support, integrated supply and own
production, which was reflected on the "About the company" page. Apart from
description of the benefits, there is also a list of major partners,
with which it cooperates in the field of energy.
Responsive design is no longer a new trend
in web development, and in this project the latest
technical and design developments. For adaptive version
site was designed to develop as simple as possible,
logical and user-friendly interface.