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About the client: Varan Group provides utilities and electrical work for other companies. The main activity is the cleaning of external sewerage networks.

Task: Develop a strict and at the same time intuitive logo, graphically beat the name "Varan" in the logo sign

We began the search for a graphic language - drew sketches of the lizard, began preparatory work on typography.

VARAN GROUP logo: The logo is an inscription in the author's font - a stable bold grotesque. The beech "V" and "A" forms are based on a parabola, which gives the contour a special plasticity and dynamism. The badge is a stylized muzzle of a monitor lizard. The logo successfully alternates between straight and rounded elements.

Corporate sign: The stylized muzzle of the monitor lizard is based on the smoothness of a parabola, and the silhouette repeats the rotated letter "V" by 90° - this creates a graphic rhyme in the logo. The stylization shows the eye of a reptile and a protruding tongue.

Corporate block: It is a combination of a logo sign and an accompanying signature (may be a slogan or an indication of the field of activity, or other information).

The capital letter "V" is built on the basis of a parabola. The contour of this curve resembles the silhouette of a monitor lizard's face, which in general creates a distinctive style of the logo. All elements are subject to this smooth and graceful contour. The letters "V" and "A" fit into the square - this allows you to successfully combine with the sign, which also has a square in its basis.