A task

Creation of a corporate image site for a big bag manufacturer

Main page

Implemented like this
to provide a high level of information. Interactive info blocks change as you scroll and present facts about the GIS plant.
Full screen video showing the scale and production capacity of the plant.
Blocks with facts about the company.
Visualization of production capacities.
Block "Our products".
Tall and solid footer with a full site menu and similar contact information.
A sticky menu is provided for quick access to sections when scrolling.

product categories

To provide
accessibility of information, it was decided to represent all sections of the site in the concept of landing page.
Product page with modifications
Made in the form of a landing. The block structure consistently reveals all the possibilities of the product and focuses on the benefits, emphasizing the unique selling proposition.
Product pages
Implemented as part of a common
design concepts in multiple language versions
Company page - that sells!
All benefits are displayed here
companies, adhering to a unique style