The corporate block includes a corporate sign, the main spelling of the logo and a possible slogan.

The main inscription of the logo
Made in classic Venetian antiqua with the author's character adjustments. The inscription is typed in capitals (capital letters), which gives it solemnity. Balanced letter spacings are made in the tradition of Latin writing. Characteristic is the letter "A", a drop-shaped element at the top of the letter gives softness and tenderness to the entire inscription. Also, the letter "E" has a lightened middle stroke, making it graceful.

Company logo
The sign is a regular octagon with rounded corners, a kind of symbol of the union of a circle and a square. Inside this figure is a ligature of two capital letters - the name of the company. There is also a calligraphic stroke that makes the sign more aesthetically complete.

Basic proportions of the logo
A square with a side equal to the width of the letter "N" in the inscription was taken as a modular element. He verified the distances between lines, between words and between the sign and the inscription. The size of the sign relative to the inscription is selected so that the letters in the ligature "VG" match in size with the letters in the inscription. Changing proportions is not recommended.

Corporate color
As the main color, "dark plum" is proposed. This is a majestic shade full of triumph. It will look favorably embossed with "gold".
Mint gray is offered as an additional color for display robots.