Создание лендинга для успешной продажи моноподов(selfie-stick).

Development of a Landing Page for selling selfie sticks

The idea was a colorful and positive design using self-portraits of happy selfie stick owners. The colors are not chosen by chance, they match the shades of the monopods themselves. To improve the one-page conversion, transitions between blocks in the form of geometric shapes (angle 170o, arc) were chosen, which call for further scrolling of the site. Also, the site is full of parallax scrolling effects.

The site contains all "business cards" landing page:

  • call to action, price and order form on the first screen;
  • product description and photos of happy monopod owners;
  • types of goods, benefits and again a call to action with an order button;
  • customer reviews;
  • video review of the selfie stick;
  • FAQ of clients;
  • algorithm for purchasing goods;
  • again order form with price.

The site does the job perfectly. Do not forget that you can always order a landing page from us:)