Tamir's website

About the client: TM "Tamir" - men's clothing from the best Ukrainian manufacturers.

Task: creation of a solid corporate website.

Trademark "Tamir" has long established itself as a manufacturer of men's clothing. The task was to emphasize this status, so the preference was given to the classics: black and white for the main elements, dark purple for accents and active elements.

The main task of the site is to popularize the brand and products, so special attention is paid to the "combat unit" of the catalog - the product.

The product card contains all the necessary elements: high-quality photo gallery with additional zoom, full description, size and price. For ease of use, the "You watched" block has been added.

TM "Tamir" is now actively engaged in the development of the dealer network and for successful interaction with wholesale buyers, the form "Application for cooperation" was added

To create "on the fly" section of the FAQ on the site added the form "Ask your question".

The most "powerful" feature of the resource is the contact page. Here the user can choose his or the location of interest and find the nearest store with products of the Tamir trademark.