Landing for the customs broker "Euro-Stagecoach"

Customs broker "Euro-Stagecoach"

After analyzing the Euro-Stageway website and the results from contextual advertising, our marketers made a direct recommendation - to develop a landing page for the effective presentation of the company's customs services on the network.

Landing page development began with an audit of competitor sites in the subject, after which we moved on to designing the landing page structure. For harmonious branding of our client's business, we decided to implement the design of the landing page in the corporate colors of the customs broker

A separate block presents the additional services of the company, which are of interest to the majority of Euro-Stagecoach customers.

Trust triggers help the landing page visitor make the right decision. Judge for yourself, all the advantages of the company are in plain sight, the scheme of work is transparent, and customer reviews are real.

To convert visitors into buyers, the landing page provides 2 types of contact forms - Consultation, Application. Information about conversions is sent to the contact email of the administrator, and is also duplicated in the landing page administration panel.

Of the important technical features of the Euro-Stagecoach project, we note the presence of an inline editor that allows you to easily edit all the contents of the landing page. In addition, the site has an administration panel where you can fine-tune the landing page, as well as work with incoming requests.

As our marketers predicted, with the launch of the landing page, excellent results from contextual advertising were not long in coming.