MEDINI #2 website

About the client: famous Ukrainian clothing brand Medini.

Task: development of a fashion design for an online store.

We were faced with the task of creating a stylish, modern website design for a well-known Ukrainian clothing brand. On the main page, users are greeted by a picturesque panorama of Paris. Trends are appreciated not only in the generally recognized capital of fashion, but also in the field of web design, so the intro page of the new site was designed in two versions using hover effects. The first, daytime, option can be observed until 18:00.

Дизайн главной страницы Medini до 18:00

In the evening, the main page is transformed, and the Parisian landscape begins to sparkle with night lights. The French theme is continued in the music on the site, which can be turned on at will for the mood.

Дизайн главной страницы Medini после 18:00

High conversion is a classic that never goes out of style, we took this into account when creating the design of the catalog and product pages. Convenient division of the collection into categories, site search, the ability to view the entire range page by page and in full, with a gradual loading of clothing models.

Разработка страницы каталога

The product page is also made in accordance with the canons of conversion requirements: a bright high-resolution photo, a detailed description, a minimum of entourage and a maximum emphasis on the products offered. The final accent of the site's fashionable image is a static background with blurred contours of the French capital.

Creating a Medini Product Page

Дизайн форм входа и регистрации на сайте Medini

Разработка корзины интернет-магазина

Личный кабинет пользователя на сайте Medini

Дизайн всплывающего окна