Development of an online store for liquid wallpaper BIOPLAST

Development of an online store for liquid wallpapers

About the client: Bioplast is a trademark of a Ukrainian manufacturer of liquid wallpaper.

Task: Development of an online store, a visual representation of the wallpaper catalog, optimization of usability, presentable design.

The main page of the site is made in the landing-page format using parallax effects and css3 animation. Here are the main benefits of liquid wallpaper and important marketing information.

The color palette of wallpaper in the catalog is presented in the form of tiles, which is very similar to real wallpaper samples in the store. Here the visitor has several options at once: add the wallpaper he likes to the basket, view the enlarged image and color sample in more detail, go to the wallpaper page, where all the detailed information on the product is presented.

On the product page, the visitor can view the visualization of the wallpaper in the interior. This option is designed to dispel the fears that buyers may have, as well as help make the right choice.

Smart material calculator is a whole online consultant. Based on the entered room parameters, he calculates the number of wallpaper packages required by the buyer. 1) The calculation is made separately for the walls, separately for the ceiling so that the visitor can see the consumption for both options. 2) After the calculations, it is possible to immediately add the calculated number of packages to the cart and place an order. 3) Surface area data is stored and used to calculate consumption when viewing other wallpapers, even if the consumption data is different, the calculation will be updated and the buyer will always have up-to-date information.

In addition to the wallpaper catalog, the site has a catalog of additional materials. Here you can find wallpaper additives (glitters, etc.) and other additional accessories. The peculiarity of these products is that one product may have several packaging options.

The shopping cart and checkout are as clear as possible for the visitor. It is possible to make a purchase by filling in the minimum number of fields.

The site has an adaptive layout, all functionality is fully available on mobile devices and tablets. And the viewing depth from mobile devices is not inferior to the indicators of the desktop version of the site.

TM Bioplast is represented in 5 countries. Each point is displayed on the map, and to quickly find the nearest representative office, you can enter the desired city manually or use the "show nearest" function - the site will determine your location and show the nearest points of sale of liquid wallpaper.

The site provides several opportunities for communication with customers. One of them is the contact page. Here are the company's phone numbers, address, as well as a form for sending a message immediately from the site page.

If the visitor did not find the information of interest or wants to ask a specific question, then the "question-answer" section provides such an opportunity. As soon as the administrator publishes the answer to the question asked, all site visitors will see this information.