A task:

corporate website development

, convenient presentation of company products of different types, optimization of usability, exclusive bright design with animation effects.
About the client: "Kaskad" is a manufacturer of gates of various types and other building products of a wide profile.
The company's product range is represented by a very wide range of products, which is difficult to present using one or more product page templates. Therefore, the Kaskad website provides unique templates for each section of the catalog.
Each catalog page is presented in the landing page format and has a conversion structure. The visitor gets to know the product and its features step by step and finally sends an application.
Despite the rich structure of the pages and a large amount of information on each type of product, the site easily adapts to mobile devices and tablets. This means that no potential client will leave the site without sending an application.
By going to the "About the Company" page, the visitor is a guest
from the Kaskad company. This impression is due to
panoramic photo of the office that opens
in the first spread of the page.
Also here you can find basic information about the Kaskad company, certificates and documents, as well as several galleries with the most interesting works.
"Shares" - how without them? Publication possible
unlimited number of shares and each of them will be
presented in the relevant section. And to enhance
desires of visitors to send applications, a block of promotions
placed on each page of the site directory.
The gallery is designed specifically for this site.
Thanks to this, all works can be viewed in a simple
and understandable form, it is easy to find what interests.
In addition to the production and sale of direct products, the Kaskad company also provides services for the maintenance of specialized products.
For maximum interaction with the company
visitors are presented with full contacts of all
representative offices and offices.
There is also a special page
for those who want to become dealers. Here and detailed information
about partnership and a form for quick contact with the company -
all the opportunities to expand the partner network.
Even a page such as the 404 error page on the Kaskad website has an author's design. You can be sure that even if you go to the wrong address, visitors will not leave the site, but will continue to stay on it.