Aquarium Classic Aquarium Design Studio

Aquarium Classic corporate website

About the client: Aquarium Classic aquarium design studio is a diversified company with a full cycle of services for the creation and maintenance of water facilities on a turnkey basis.

Task: Development of a corporate website with an exclusive design that conveys the Spirit of the Company, the introduction of creative effects and non-standard design elements. A bright but understandable representation of the company, its services and products.

Main page

All pages of the site have a conversion structure with the maximum motivation of the visitor to perform the target action.

The main page briefly acquaints customers with the company, its features, services provided.

Creative hover effects, parallax, and non-standard menu minimization are used here - a complete set of innovative design solutions skillfully implemented on the Aquarium Classic website.

About Us

To make it as convenient as possible for the user to provide all the information about the Aquarium Classic studio, this page contains a large number of infographics and visual images. And to see the details on the questions you are interested in, just hover over the mouse and an explanation will immediately appear under the icon. Very convenient and economical!

Services, budgets, products, portfolio

The first level of site sections has a very restrained style. There is a minimum of information here (just enough so that the visitor can select the necessary heading and move on), but at the same time, with the help of interchangeable full-length backgrounds, a very vivid figurative representation of each service, product, budget or portfolio album.

Single service page, budgets, products,

There is everything for a potential client here: a description, examples of work, beautiful graphics and animated layout, the ability to send an application or call right away - no one will pass by such a page without an order! 🙂

portfolio album

After viewing the work performed, everyone will surely receive a real aesthetic pleasure. The Portfolio section helps a lot with this.


Always the latest studio news in the "Events" section. Here is all the useful information from the world of aquarium design, exhibition reports, interesting projects and just articles on current topics.


All ways to contact the studio are presented in the contacts section. Here you can immediately send your question and proposal through the feedback form without leaving the site.


Despite the complexity and non-standard of the site and the structure of its pages, it also looks great on mobile devices. Adaptability makes it easy to find all the necessary information and contact the company.


Absolutely any detail of the site (texts, images, icons, tips ... everything) is edited through the administrative panel so simply that even if you have never worked with sites before, you can easily figure out how to manage it.


404 - A page on which we hope that there will be very few visitors, but those who see it all will certainly continue their journey through the site, and will not disappear without a trace. It's as good as the rest of the site


During the development of a new site, a "stub" was placed on the company's domain. Despite the temporary nature of the page, it is very attractive and informative, which means that no one