New logo of Webakula studio

We are glad to present you our new logo, which has become more concise and modern! In an effort not only to keep up with the times, but to be one step ahead of it, the goals and objectives of our close-knit company will always remain unchanged - to create high-quality websites and solve any problems for the business of our clients!

The logo is designed from author's letters. Stylistically, the forms combine a soft contour in rounded parts and a rigid one in straight lines and diagonals. In the construction of letters, proportions are used from modern grotesque fonts, which are used, for example, in the logo of the Facebook social network. The inscription uses lowercase letters, keeping associations with the past logo.

Stylistics of Letters Smoothness of rounded elements gives plasticity to the font, indicates a loyal and open character. Rigidity in straight lines and diagonals emphasizes constructiveness and rationalism. These two qualities successfully intersect in the letters "b", "u", which makes the inscription organic and stylish.

Corporate sign The sign is a geometric construction of a "shark fin" - a symbol of the company.

Construction of the sign The construction of the sign is based on a square, the size of which is equal to the letter "u" in the inscription of the logo. By crossing geometric shapes formed by the size of a square, a sign is constructed that is geometrically literate and is associated with the proportions of the inscription. Form and counterform successfully intersected, creating a perfect sign.

Construction of additional symbols On the basis of the sign, the symbols necessary to identify the company's divisions, such as "Internet marketing" and "identity", are also built.

The distance between the sign and the logo is equal to half the square in which the letter "u" fits. It is recommended to leave the margins around the logo equal to the letter "u".