Site MEDINI #3

Challenge: Redesign with trendy visuals to maximize impact on the brand's target audience.

Редизайн сайта ТМ Medini

We have been cooperating with the Medini trademark for more than a year, and by the third redesign of the website, the companies have learned to understand each other perfectly. A bright result is the fruit of our joint efforts.

Паралакс скролинг на главной странице сайта

The customers responsibly approached the implementation of the project idea and provided us with high-quality photographic materials. Spectacular models, a leopard print background, emotional slogans in tandem with parallax scrolling and 3D effects on the intro page received rave reviews from the site's target audience.

Дизайн страницы 404

Naturally, we did not miss the opportunity to add functional improvements to the internal pages of the site. All innovations were received with a bang!

Create a catalog page

Разработка дизайна страницы товара

Дизайн формы входа и регистрации на сайте ТМ Medini

From satisfied customers, we received a small souvenir present - a tunic, which depicts models from the intro page of the site. A trifle, but nice 🙂

Разработка дизайна всплывающего окна