Website for a chemical plant

About the client: Kharkiv chemical plant Sintez has been supplying paint and varnish products to the Ukrainian market since 2004.

Task: creating a colorful website with an interactive product catalog.

Our cooperation began with the development of a design solution for the packaging of the plant's products and continued with the creation of a website that is as bright as the paints produced by the enterprise.

Разработка сайта для химического завода

To match the overall concept of the site design, we have developed an interactive catalog sorted by brand, indicating the features, benefits and scope for each type of product.

Дизайн страницы каталога

The line of maximum informativeness was continued in the development of product pages and the creation of the "Tips and Ideas" section.

Разработка дизайна страницы Советы и идеи

The page with the contact details of the plant and its representative offices is also colorful and full of useful information.

Создание страницы Контакты